Tubular Graphit carbon wheelset 60 mm
  • Description

Use: tubular

Track, 2 sprockets possible

- Graphit carbon rims:

          - 3K carbon weaving

         - Machined rim to receive perfectly the central seam of tubulars.

          - Staggered holes in the rim for a perfect alignment of spokes.

- Hubs:

          - Alloy black anodized Novatec hubs.

          - EZO Japanese cartridge bearings for high fluidity : 2 pcs front hub, 2 pcs in rear hub + 2 pcs in the body.

          - Possibility to have one sprocket on each side of hub.

- Spokes:

          - 24 pcs on front wheel + 24 pcs on rear wheel, black stainless spokes.

          - Aero (flat) spokes, certainly for the aerodynamics, but especially for a perfect alignment during the lacing. Spokes are not twisted when tensioning.

          - External nipples to adjust easily tensile if necessary (no need to remove the tubular), and for more liability: external nipple "protect" the spoke which isn't in contact with carbon rim, and that avoid carbon rim to cut the spoke by friction.

- Included parts:

          - This tubular carbon wheelset is sold with 2 track releases + set of 9 extra spokes: 3 pcs for front wheel and 2 x 3 pcs for rear wheel..

Indicative weight: 60/60 wheelet = 1539g